Who are we ?

My name is Inez Blondeel ... hi !

I have been living in Hamme-Mille, Beauvechain since 1996, in the middle of nature. My husband died of cancer in 2012. Next to my wonderful family and friends, i could, every single day, count on the unconditional friendship and love of my dogs, Max, Pepper and Charlotte. Since then the group has expanded with two more, Luna and Pimpernel.

Luna and Charlotte came to me at an older age, both of them with a painful story, but still capable to give so much affection and love. Although I have enjoyed every puppy, it was because of them that I realized that taking care of older dogs gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction. Their gratitude is so visible, the affection is written in their eyes, and their body language touches me to the core.

That is how the story of The Golden Basket came about. It is not my intention to include my own dogs in the association. I have already taken care of their new living space. This story is about the next dogs, with special needs and too old to live in a pound. The acquired funds will be used solely for the medical care, the nutrition and the specific needs of the dogs that are part of the association.

Do I still want puppies ? Of course, I adore puppies but the answer is 'no'. My ultimate goal is to give a safe home to at least 10 old dogs.

I hope you got to know me a little bit better.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a mail to info@het-gouden-mandje.be.

Take care,